Winged Beings

October 23, 2007 Blog Posts 3 Comments

In the light of Halloween just being around the corner, I wanted to share this link with you guys. It’s a gorgeous little online shop I found a few months back and I haven’t gotten around to ordering anything yet. I’m kinda hitting myself over the head because I think I should have –though I don’t have any plans for Halloween, this would have been a good excuse to buy a mask, anyway.

This mask maker from Uruguay creates the most amazing pieces out of leather and his work is inspired by theater & mythology. It’s just a dream to me! I particularly love his Winged Beings line but the other masks are just gorgeous, too! I might have to pick one up for the next year. One can feel so naughty behind masks like these! It reminds me of the pricey little numbers I see at the Cirque shows, too.

Thanatos – $45

Nike – $45

Comet – $120, Half Moon – $25, Eclipse – $90, & Small Eclipse – $45

I’m not sure what shipping would be like, but to me, these prices are incredible if they look this stunning in person. Mmm~~ So, tempted!

[Edit]: Sharing the link would’ve been smart!

Wicked @ Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles