Tori Amos @ Nokia Theatre Los Angeles

December 17, 2007 Blog Posts 0 Comments

Okay, so we can’t go two days without seeing a live performance. Give us a break, eh? LOL jk~

Win and I just came back from the last Tori Amos concert of her American Doll Posse tour. It was gorgeous! 😀
Win introduced me to her music a few years back and I’ve grown to like several of her songs. I felt kinda lost among all the Tori fanatics, but I found myself singing along to the songs I knew. XD

Excuse me when I say that I didn’t know she had such a huge male following! ^^;!

So, for her current album, Tori created different personas complete w/ their own looks. She left the stage a couple times to dress into different personas and I believe she had used three of them for the show. Isabel, Tori & “Pip.” (She has 5 total.) During the intro to her second persona, “Pip”, she sang wild version of Cruel. It was SO amazing & sexy! LOL She even gave the striking writers a little message. ^^;;

It’s a super shaky vid. Apologies! It was such a freakin’ awesome performance. I couldn’t stay still!

Tori Amos – Big Wheel

Some pics:

Me & Win under the marqueeeeeeeeee!

Photos from Row PP!

I’m out for the evening! Night ya’ll!

Tin Types!
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