Drawing Studies: The Back

August 28, 2009 Blog Posts 1 Comment

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I’ve never, ever been confident in my anatomical knowledge.
I go into each drawing with a feeling of apprehension thinking, “Oh no. How am I going to interpret the form well?”

I’m TIRED of this hesitancy and ignorance. I avoid any academic drawing because it gets tedious. But that’s no excuse. How else am I going to get better and reach my goals? To even draw the simplified human form one needs knowledge of anatomy. And only through repetition is it going to stick. All that I’ve learned, I’ve mostly lost by now.

And it’s so much more relieving understanding what’s going on under the skin. For one, it makes lighting less of a mystery. It’s such a joy to understand how the muscles meet each other, overlap each other and function.

For me, I feel like I can’t be fully free and creative without establishing this necessary foundation. So, it’s back to the basics, no matter how painful it may be!

If you’re curious, I started the week with Bridgeman. Win helped break down the forms and do examples for me. And then I’ve moved onto Gerome/Bargue.

More studies.