Bed & Breakfast @ Casa De Samuel

March 13, 2011 Blog Posts 2 Comments

Had a fabulous weekend at Sam’s place! The weekend turned into a Bed & Breakfast and it was wonderful. -_^ Sam wowed us again with his culinary prowess, so I had to share some photos and ingredients list. (Everything’s mostly from Trader Joe’s!) He cooked us dinner, we hung out, we slept, we woke up and we ate again. Ah, paradise! And I’ve got more food ideas up my sleeve thanks to him. 🙂 He even sent us home with his homemade pesto. What a darling. <3 Then, Win and I went to the California Cactus Center to select some plants for our front yard’s desert garden. It’s funny how much I wasn’t a fan of cactus and succulents as a kid, but now, I love em! I’ve learned to embrace the beauty of California native plants. I can’t wait to cover the courtyard in ’em! Did I mention I was inspired by Barcelona for the courtyard? Helllllo, color! I’m constantly hung up about color variation and Win’s considering texture. Together, I hope the garden will come out well.

Right now, Win’s out there painting the house and I’m inside working on a logo design job for a client. ::head desk:: Back to work. Enjoy the photos. 🙂

Ginger & Carrot Risotto!

Head Chef, Sam!

Kickin’ back. 🙂

Tomato Salad! Heirloom and Red Tomatoes, mozarella cheese, pesto, balsamic reduction & pine nuts. DELISH!

Ginger Carrot Risotto. First, cook some shallots, ginger and garlic in olive oil. Arborio rice was added and the rice is tossed around and cracked. Add vegetable broth in small increments while stirring until risotto is at a good texture. Add ginger & carrot puree (or the soup from Trader Joe’s) and a bit of cream to thicken. Toss in Arugula. Stir. Serve with Parmesan cheese, fresh sage & pepper. Oo! There’s also roasted carrots in there. Yum.

Vegetarian Sushi. The “fish slices” on top are roasted bell peppers!

Tomato Pizzette on Indian Flat Bread.

California Cactus Center in Pasadena A few of the plants listed are what we’re thinking of using for our front yard. We want to make a line across the front yard of senecio, agave and aeoniums. It’ll serve as a (spiky) wall to keep people off our property while adding a bit of desert beauty to the neighborhood. 😀

Choosing what you want is nearly impossible…

More hard decisions. This place is fabulous. 🙂 A desert plant paradise!

Let me be immature for a moment…

Blue Glow Agave. 20″x20″ max height.

Glacier Blue Euphorbia – Highly poisonous, 2×2′ shrub approx. Pretty!

Curly Echeveria

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