Xeriscaping Update

May 2, 2011 Blog Posts 1 Comment

I’m not taking a single piece of credit. This is all Super Win’s doing so please direct all awe and praise at him. That incredible man dug out the yard, got all the gravel installed and is now braving the cactus spines and getting them planted. (Though, I did help plant one! Hey, someone has to cook and clean, okay? Teamwork, people!) I did enjoy shoveling some gravel into place but I missed out on most of the fun last Monday when he finished the job.

Today, I came home to find that Win put a few more cactii in the ground and I more or less stumbled out of the car with my camera in hand. LOL

We decided to do a xeriscape in the front yard because in the long run, it’ll save us time and money from not watering. (Well, there WILL be watering, just not as often.) We’ve been more or less OBSESSED with cacti, succulents, euphorbias, etc. and finally we have enough done to show you a little something-something! HOORAY!

It’s pretty fun designing and creating a CA friendly landscape. Knowing that we have a special climate where something like this can thrive here is kinda exciting. A few of our plants come from So Cal, Mexico, Brazil and even Peru. Our neighbors have been positive with the changes and I’m glad to see their support. Our yard used to be a dead, barren thing next to everyone’s groomed front yards, so seeing them pleased is rewarding. I consider this a teaser as not everything is in place just yet. Can’t wait to see all the textures come together!

Win is baws. With his baws hat.

L to R: Cereus peruvianus monstrose, Mamalaria (in front of Cereus), (2) Old Man of the Andes.

Forgot their names. Our aunt gave us these from her garden.

Silver Dollar Crassula in foreground. We’re breaking up the plants with med sized rocks. The dirt will soon be filled with blue senecio.

The man hard at work with cutie wooly torches in the fore ground. See that mound? It’s half the front yard. Free dirt anyone?

Inspired by Natasha Wang's pole dancing!
Cat Tail Painting