Wicked @ Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles

December 15, 2007 Blog Posts 5 Comments

Words cannot express the awesomeness that was Wicked! Wow! And this is coming from a person who pretty much didn’t like the Wizard of Oz at all! (haha..^^;;;)

Anyway, the story itself was incredible. I really have to read the book, now! If I can consider it canon, then I would definitely be a fan of Wizard of Oz now. LOL

The production was incredible. Besides Pantages being a beautiful theatre, man, the set was incredible! The costumes were amazing and the performers did an amazing job! I are super fan of Eden Esponosa, now! LOL

I had briefly heard the music in the past and after hearing it in its entirety, I appreciate the dialogue and lyrics –super funny! XD

Here are some pics from my evening. 😀 Our wedding host, Joseph Tran, bought Win and I tickets for the Thursday night performance. Such a generous gift! (Technically, our first wedding gift! haha) It was our first Broadway musical together and we both really enjoyed it! There’s just something about the experience of seeing a musical live that makes it so magical & breath taking.

So, Wicked was spectacular. Go see it!

The Pantages Playbill. I have one extra. 😮

Inside the Pantages. This statue was neat! Very Art Nouveau decor! There was so much to look at!

Loved the arches and detailing!

Yar! I spent alot of time looking UP inside the theatre! The blue and gold was STUNNING!

This scene was so cool and soooooooooo AWESOME! Gah!~ With the lights the way they were, she looked amazing! And the gigantor black cape was freakin’ cool, too. Loved the song!

Tori Amos @ Nokia Theatre Los Angeles
Winged Beings