Unveiled Fitness

March 27, 2011 Blog Posts 0 Comments

Went to check out a new pole studio in Orange County called Unveiled Fitness on Saturday. While I survived, I got my ass kicked pretty hard. Their warm-up was so heavy on ab & thigh conditioning, I barely had enough energy to concentrate on practice. The studio was really dance heavy so many of their advanced students didn’t practice inverting. WTF! Gimme tricks, damn it! Though, it was nice to take a chance to concentrate on dancing as that’s my weak spot. I spent so much time doing floor work during my improv routine, my knees are mess of bruises! I stopped by Wholefoods after to buy a tube of Arnica. Many girls raved about it so we’ll see if it works to heal these blotches faster.

After pole class, I was so famished, that I went out w/ Teebs and Michelle to have Korean BBQ. Nothing but a pile of meat. So damn necessary. 🙂

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