Tilt: Diary of a Virgin Stripper

August 17, 2011 Blog Posts 1 Comment

So happy and proud that the project is done! I’ve always wanted to design a book jacket and my dream has come true! And the fact that it’s somewhat an erotica novel is just icing on the cake for me. 🙂

The author and editor wanted something very mysterious, sexy and simple. Seeing that the book is about the experiences of a stripper, I chose to arrange the very “in-your-face,” photograph off to the side, and higher up on the page to give the reader the feeling of being a person sitting at a club. (And scooting the photo to the side didn’t make her “hoo-ha” the center of attention!) It also worked well because I liked how her legs created a nice negative space to fit the words in.

The back cover was a stunning photo, but too revealing of the dancer… blurring her identity gave it a more anonymous feel that I liked.

The gorgeous photos were taken by Alex Thompson. It’s a rather heartbreaking tale and if it’s your cup of tea, it’s a rather eye opening look at how strip clubs operate here in Los Angeles.

I hope this leads to future book designs. It really was a huge pleasure. 🙂

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