The Things I Put My Body Through…

October 7, 2010 Blog Posts 0 Comments

Let me just say that the inside of my thighs right now have a pattern of bruises that look similar to leopard spots. Yes, I did scream when I undressed before my shower last night. And my arms are so sore that I can’t extend them straight up over my head. What am I doing to myself?! LOL

Though, I think I’m starting to hit my physical plateau and now I really, REALLY have to push it to get stronger. At this level, we’re doing so much aerial work that I have to rely on my legs, arm and ab strength to keep myself up on the pole…. 10 feet off the floor. (LOL!)

In the beginning, I came to pole to look for a physical hobby that complimented me. I love acrobatics/gymnastics and I love dancing, but I never had a background in either of those so I was really thrilled to get so addicted to this sport/dance which has both. Of course, that’s also my challenge since I have to push harder to gain flexibility where those gymnasts I dance with can do em no problem. Feh!

Anyway, I used to be the type that was pretty hung up on every pound and curve on my body, but now i’m not. I’m thankful for letting go of that wasted mental effort that I used to spend on thoughts like “OMGMYASSISHUUUUUGE!” Now, I know that those curves in my thighs and that extra bulge of muscle is going to keep me up and flying and I looooooove it! (And it’s true. The more extra skin and fat you’ve got, then the more you’ll “stick” to the pole. Real skinny girls have a harder of a time! Sucks!)

I definitely grew curvier since I started in January now that I have more muscle. I even weighed in at 130 at the doctor’s office last month! That’s the heaviest I’ve ever been, but I really don’t feel it.

Erk. Rambling. Anyway, I’m stronger and I need to get even more stronger. I love the way I look and feel and what a feat that is! Now if I could only improve my diet then I could be a powerhouse! LOL

Newest and Baddest Trick: Drops. Will record it when I get a chance!

1. ABS – Work on headstands against pole. Wrap hands around base and face down on belly. Pull up onto top of crown and “roll” my back up and flat against pole. Let legs spread as wide as possible and LIFT up hard keeping back/abs pressed against pole. Raise legs up in straddle. Come down slowly, engaging abs.

2. INVERTS – Keep arms curled as you invert. Throw head back to help get hips up. Hold an inverted V, upside down for 3 and let down slowly. Engage abs and try to rely less on momentum. Do this exercise off floor too.

3. AB Exercise in Bat Pose – Get into Bat Pose and do reps of abs bringing body to a V shape. Helps to engage grip of pole in the knees and to work abs in order to pull oneself right side up in this move.

4. Pounces – Work on upside down pounce. L-hand at chest, R-hand above head. Push away from pole, push hips up towards ceiling/feet. Bring chest to touch pole and slide chest down to starting position. Hands should also move with torso. Keep L-arm wrapped around pole when pushing hips up. This will be the motion in the future for flags.

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