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Star Trek Discovery Premiere“My trekkie dreams came true on Tuesday, September 19th when I was invited with other enthusiastic Star Trek fans to attend the CBS All-Access premiere of Star Trek: Discovery. Here’s my recap and image gallery from the event!”






Star Trek: Discovery will be released on CBS tomorrow, September 24th! Earlier this week, fans were invited to attend the “blue carpet” premiere of Star Trek: Discovery.

The event took place at the ArcLight Theatre in Hollywood. Many of us arrived earlier than scheduled as the event was still setting up which gave us time to connect and shoot impromptu cosplay photos. May I just say how incredible the Star Trek fan community can be? This was my first official Star Trek event and I was here with some seasoned pros. These fans couldn’t have been friendlier or more welcoming. Here were are just before Will-Call enjoying a drink at Ten Forward the theatre’s cafe.

Star Trek Discovery World Premiere

Here’s a fantastic group shot of some of the cosplayers who attended. Pretty sharp!

Star Trek Discovery World Premiere

The event was incredibly well organized and timely. We were all given wrist-bands and ushered to a special area on the “blue carpet” dedicated for the fans. Here we are walking excitedly to our spots!

To my surprise, the staff started handing out posters and sharpies to all of us as we waited for celebrities to arrive. It was all a blur as event photographers and video cameras came by one after the other for photos and footage.

Star Trek talent started arriving down the blue carpet. Opening the event were the lovely Bjo and John Trimble who famously saved Star Trek from cancelation during the 1960’s. Behind them came the entire cast including, Mary Chieffo, Wilson Cruz, James Frain, Jason Isaacs, Doug Jones, Shazad Latif, Sonequa Martin-Green, Kenneth Mitchell, Clare McConnell, Anthony Rapp, Reika Sharma, Sam Vartholomeos, Mary Wiseman, Rainn Wilson, and Michelle Yeoh.

Star Trek alumni were also in attendance! Stars included John Billingsley, John Delancey, Aron Eisenberg, Terry Farrell, Jonathan Frakes, Chase Masterson, Gates McFadden, Anthony Montgomery, Adam Nimoy, Michael and Denise Okuda, Linda Park, Robert Picardo, Connor Trinneer, and Nana Visitor.

We were also thrilled to see Nichelle Nichols and William Shatner as well! Mr. Shatner even came by and stopped to chat and sign posters for us. One of our friends wore a “The Gamesters of Triskelion” Kirk cosplay and Mr. Shatner signed his bare chest as we cheered and laughed. Meeting him was truly a highlight!

Here’s a gallery of photos from the red carpet. Due to the rapid nature of the talent quickly passing through, many of us cosplayers swapped photos or took them for each other. The following photographs include my own as well as shots taken by others. (Credits located at the bottom of this post.) I was standing with two other Captain Georgiou cosplayers and we quickly became fast friends. So sorry (not sorry) that many of these pics are selfies with the “Georgiou Trio.”





My favorite moment of the day (besides the screening itself) was meeting Michelle Yeoh! Being Asian-American, I watched her foreign films as a child when I started feeling underrepresented in American cinema. So meeting an acting legend in my favorite sci-fi franchise was nothing short of a dream come true. =) When we spotted her walking down the blue carpet, we enthusiastically started cheering for her. To our surprise, she immediately came over and gave each of us Captain Georgiou cosplayers a hug! (Swoon.) She dashed away to do press interviews but visited again later for poster signings and chatted with all of the fans.


Star Trek Discovery Premiere

When everyone had just about filtered into the building, we were ushered indoors and given our tickets with assigned seating. Inside the lobby, costumes and props from the show decorated the room and we were given complimentary popcorn and soda to enjoy. Prior to the screening, the cast, crew and production team were introduced.

Star Trek Discovery Premiere

From Kenneth Mitchell’s Twitter

The screening started with an amusing clip of Sarek informing us stoically to turn off our cellphones. If we failed to do so, we would have apparently been escorted out by a couple of intimidating looking Klingons. (Two had been posted by the exit. -_^)

My spoiler free quick impressions of the screening are as follows.

– The title sequence was moving and beautifully done.
– The production value is above and beyond. However you may end up feeling about the show in general, you’ll agree that the quality of the design and output is at cinematic levels. It’s stunning through and through.
– Solid character building and there will be Klingon lore.
– Sonequa Martin-Green is a fantastic leading lady. Her performance was incredible as was Michelle Yeoh’s.
– Doug Jones will be memorable in his iconic performance as Lt. Saru.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for these characters in this new chapter of the Star Trek universe. The night was unforgettable not only for this rare opportunity to be a part of a historic Star Trek event but also because of the fans I was able to celebrate it with. LLAP

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Photo Contributors: Nguyen Dong, Laura @lsirikul, Michelle @mloyllo and members of the LA Away Team Fan Group.

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