SDCC 2010

July 27, 2010 Blog Posts 2 Comments

I had a great, laid-back time this year. Meaning, I wasn’t hunting down too many panels or running here and there and getting crushed by the crowds. I decided to cosplay as Psylocke from X:Men this year (and it’s my first time cosplaying, ever) and I had a great time walking around and meeting other nerdy people like me! LOL I might be addicted to cosplay after this!

My highlights: Meeting Milo Manara and Chris Claremont. They worked on a one-shot that just recently came out called, X-Women. It’s a silly book, but Manara’s art always seduces me. I had the pleasure of obtaining a few sketches from him and I regret not being able to speak Italian or French!

I enjoyed walking around and chatting with other illustrators/artists. Alot of them gave me words of advice and enjoyed seeing an image of my last painting so it was nice to feel a renewed sense of confidence. I’ve been out of drawing for a while now but really, I just need to practice, push through it and stop being so critical. So, I acquired some tools this week and I intend to hit the ground running, again. 🙂

In the meantime, enjoy some funny pictures of me as Psylocke. I had a blast going around challenging Capcom characters to a fight. -_^

Psylocke X-Men Cosplay

This Chun-Li was a cutie!
Chun-Li and Psylocke

Over at that Marriot, they had a waterfall by the pool. Win convinced me to Jim Lee this shot.

Psylocke X-Men Cosplay: San Diego Comic Con 2010 Cosplay

I loved these guys. They looked awesome.
Black Panther, Storm, Psylocke

The man ahead of me in line asked Manara to sketch me in my Psylocke costume. OMG DIED.
Milo Manara Sketch of Psylocke

I so could’ve kicked his ass…
Ryu vs Psylocke: Marvel vs Capcom

My highlight is this photo! Hooray!
Psylocke &amp; Milo Manara: X-Women

Why I Never Manage To Finish A Book
Inception: Suit HEAVEN.