San Diego Comic Con and Kickstarter!

June 25, 2015 Blog Posts 0 Comments

Hi everyone! I have two big important announcements that PDA fans might like to hear!


First things first, Pole Dancing Adventures Volume 2 will be going live on Kickstarter on June 29, 2015! We had such a fantastic run last year that I hope you’ll join me again this month in making Volume 2 another success. I enjoyed bringing the first book to fans all around the world and I hope you’re excited to add #2 to your collection. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them on this post. I will officially announce a day before launch to give you an official heads-up. (And any early bird backers will have a chance to pre-order books at a special discount price.)


Find myself and Nguyen Dong at San Diego Comic-Con International this year at Small Press P-11!

New comics, new art and huge news to come. See you there!

Wondercon 2015 - Dark Productions with Leen Isabel and Nguyen Dong