Pedal Love

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    Pedal Love
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    A twist of fate inspires a woman to overcome her fears and fall in love with biking. Based on a true story.
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    Leen Isabel
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    I was inspired to make this comic thanks to an awesome contest put forth by I quickly whipped this together in just a few days. I fell in love with biking this year thanks to my workplace moving closer to my home and lemme tell ya! We definitely are saving so much money from not buying gas! However, my husband's bike is a mountain bike and no matter how low the seat gets, I'm still way too uncomfortable in it. (Thanks, short stature.) So i've been on the hunt for something to call my own. I had heard of the awesome Elektra bike and the "flat foot technology" which led me to the Pedal Love website. (That's exactly what they're giving away. YEEK!) So, with "my heart on my sleeve," I thought it best to tell the story of how I felt when I decided to start biking.