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  • The Empress
    I took a very cheeky approach to this card as you can tell. Being as part of the Major Arcana, I really wanted this card to stand out in both color and attitude. Not knowing much about Tarot, I decided to look up the card and research the symbolic elements found within the artwork. The symbols I employed in my own way are the 12 stars in her crown, the pomegranate, a red fur stole (in lieu of red cushions for sensuality) and the symbol for Venus which rather than displayed on a shield, I proudly displayed over her mons pubis. She traditionally carries a scepter, a masculine symbol, which I replaced with a banana. (Hmm!) As an artist, I try not to take myself too seriously and remind myself to have fun, so this is a bit of my own lighthearted personality thrown in. I chose a rich blue background in lieu of the waterfall which symbolizes life-sustaining nourishment. Lastly, as a personal nod, the star chart behind her throne is of the night sky from my wedding day. =)
  • Page of Pentacles
    I look at this card as a pretty loose translation of the Page of Pentacles. The aspect of the card I particularly loved was the traditional depiction of a young person deep in thought. They usually hold a single pentacle in their hands and stare at it as if in pursuit of knowledge. In my card, a woman floats in the nude with only her books. As she reads, the pentacle in her other hand oozes gold onto her body which has started to also change her hair color. I read that gold/yellow can symbolize optimism and learning, therefore, the longer she reads, the more she will be infused with knowledge.
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