Cosplay: Ibuki from Street Fighter


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    Ibuki is such a cutie! I first heard of this character from the Pocket Fighter video game on Playstation. She's a kunoichi (female ninja) who has an interest in boys and finds herself torn between being a great fighter and a normal teenage girl. I think it's charming. :) For this shoot, I waited until the cherry blossoms were in bloom in our area and I wasn't disappointed! It was great fun to get out and climb trees and relax under the blossoms. The hardest thing about this costume was Ibuki's gravity defying ponytails. It took me a while to come up with the concept, but my beau thought of using feathers after looking at Chinese Opera costumes. I took a small amount of long black synthetic hair and affixed them to a long feather that I dyed black. The feather acted as a base to keep the hair from coming apart and gave the whole ponytail a realistic bounce without being heavy. Ta-da! Effortless, bouncy hair! I'm ready to go fight!
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    Nguyen Dong

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