Cosplay: Freefall / Roxy from Gen 13

Featured in: Deadpool vs. Comikaze 2012 (see below)

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    Roxy / Freefall
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    Roxy Spaudling aka Freefall is a character from a mid-nineties comic book series called Gen13. Originally published by the now defunct Wildstorm and co-created by Jim Lee, Brandon Choi & J. Scott Campbell. I always loved her look and JUST RECENTLY read the comic books (despite having known of the series since I was a child.) I enjoyed it and was encouraged by my friend Roxy Lee to cosplay her. The rest is history. :D Roxy's outfit is pretty much stuff you can find out of your closet..unlike most super heroes! However, to achieve the comic-book look, I customized a latex cat-suit. I loved the shiny outcome! Instead of black-on-black, I used the reference image above and picked out the perfect purple faux leather jacket. I dyed my own hair and that's pretty much it! Oh, and I haven't worn slouch socks since I was a kid! YAY!
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    Eurobeat Kasumi Photography -
  • Worn at
    Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo 2012

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