Cosplay: Chun-li from Street Fighter


My Chun-li cosplay was featured in the January 2012 issue of Nintendo Gamer in UK. Photo taken by Nguyen Dong! See the whole spread here.


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    Chun-li was the first female character I loved from video-games. Who didn't love her spinning-bird kick?! This cosplay led to my first professional gig and I had a great time. The dress is made from a shiny, metallic nylon/spandex fabric with yellow appliques to match. Made the bun-covers and hand-painted them. I created the bracelets from rolls of tape and cake-frosting tips (and it looked pretty leathal!) At comic-con, I wore silver-painted boots which were more true to character, but for the show I wore huge, white go-go boots!
  • Photographer
    Nanette Gonzales (Capcom Fight Club) , Nguyen Dong (San Diego Comic Con)
  • Worn at
    San Diego Comic Con 2011, Capcom Fight Club: Belasco Theater - Los Angeles 2011

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