Cosplay: Ada Wong from Resident Evil / Biohazard

Featured in: and Deadpool vs. ComicCon (see below)

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    Ada Wong
  • Description
    Ada Wong is a character you either love or you hate. She never plays for any one side and I will never, NEVER understand how one fights zombies in heels. Nonetheless, I love her look and I love her style. Working with silk is a challenge because getting the slippery fabric to hug the body is just no fun. The embroidery work is not my own. Definitely needed help there. I've had to go through two alterations with this dress but finally -- I think I got a winner. I picked up a simple gun holster that wouldn't block my entire leg from the side from a surplus store and fashioned straps that velcroed around the thigh. It stayed up pretty darn well.
  • Photographer
    Sean Otis Spann Barley
  • Worn at
    San Diego Comic Con 2012

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