Black Swan

Title: “Black Swan”
Medium: Pencil, Digital Painting, 2012

Third in my pole series. This was inspired by 2011 United States Pole Dance Champion, Natasha Wang. I have had the pleasure to watch her dance in person and I’m blown away by her grace and unique style. After I saw her do this move, the “Russian Pole Split,” during CPDC, I was forever changed. Pole became my life. Find her online at: Natasha Wang’s Facebook Page

Her USPDF routine was inspired by the Black Swan film. And so, I have paired her with the stunning waterbird in flight. I had no idea they had white flight feathers!

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    This series is my personal way of sharing with the world the beauty of pole dancing. I hope, through illustration, I can reach a wider audience outside of our dance community to consider how incredible this aerial art is and to reduce the stigma that is usually associated to it. My aim is to create a new series of pin-ups not only celebrating a woman's beauty, but also her physical strength and grace. Each of my models are dancers who have inspired me throughout my journey.