Poledancing @ X-polesitions in NoHo.

January 13, 2010 Blog Posts 12 Comments

Back in March, I went to an open-house at a pole dancing studio with my friend Michelle in the OC. It was supposedly open for all to try out pole-dancing with the teachers and stuff, but mostly it was just a recital for teachers and advanced students. Overall, the experience didn’t turn me on to taking classes.

Though, it did spark a curiosity that’s been in the back of my mind for a while and I’ve been too chicken-shit to try it out ever since. (Y’know, Leen. Mostly shy and people hating.) So, new year, clean slate — I signed up for a drop-in class at a local studio and ZOMG.

I. HAD. SO. MUCH. FUN!! (Ah, the slut in me is satisfied!)
And here I thought I would take the one class, satiate my curiosity and move on with life. D’oh!

The beginners class had 7 girls and we had 2 teachers. They were attentive, great at breaking the moves down clearly and SO encouraging. (I HATE it when dance teachers rush through the moves and leave you behind clueless.) These teachers were patient and spectacular! And it did help that the students were pretty warm and open to each other, as well. I partly wanted to take the class as an effort to make new friends in the area. Because save from my husband and his scarcely seen buddies, I have none. ::sadface::

I’m going to sign up for the rest of the series, but I’m a little sad because the rest of the series is going to out me $160 (4 more weeks left)… +$50 for some hooker shoes. EL OH EL!

In the beginning we did a long warm-up of stretching and pilates, which was good. Though I was like, “OH NO. NOT GETTING MY MONIES WORTH.” But as soon as we started to learn moves around & on the pole, it became worth it. I had to catch up because I lost a week, but in the end, we were taught a full routine, two spins, how to walk and a few moves on the floor. It was amusing because some of the footwork reminded me of things I learned in Tango and Breakdancing!

And my adventures continue…

And for my own benefit, this was the routine we learned with the names of the moves we performed:

Walk 4 ct.
Figure 8 w/ hips.
Walk to & around pole.
Skater Spin – Left foot hook in front with the Achilles, front of right foot rests behind pole.
Roll hips, then stand up.
(Flip top hand position.)
R-foot step through, bring shoulders under and in front of pole, step left foot through, feet together.
Mary-Anne. (With shoulder blades resting on the pole and feet about a foot in front, slide down to 90 degrees, knees together)
Ginger! (From knees together, SPREAD THEM KNEES OPEN!)
Slide out left foot away from body, follow and rest left bum-cheek on floor.
Roll over right side, flat to tummy.
Cat Pounce (Keep chest on floor while rolling back, bum to heels)
Sit up on heels and roll hips.
Stand up (the sexy way!)
Walk to pole.
Skater Spin this time with right leg pointed out straight.
Sway hips up to standing.

Pole Dance : Week 4
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