Pole Dancing Adventures!

March 19, 2012 Blog Posts 21 Comments

Back in January, I started a little web-comic about my life in pole. Drawing it out seems to be a much more natural way for me to share my thoughts on the art-form. And by doing so, I hope to reduce the stigma originally associated to it.

In four months, I’ve received so much positive feedback from pole-dancers AROUND THE WORLD!!! It’s been epic, humbling and so motivating to hear from happy polers. It’s true that we all have similar thoughts, experiences and musings. Through it, I hope to make the learning process a little happier for all of us on our journey and I hope it will help shed a light onto our culture. 🙂

Pole Dancing Adventures

Yogini: Pole Dance Series #4
Black Swan - Pole Dance Series #3 - Natasha Wang