Pole Dance : Week 5

February 11, 2010 Blog Posts 0 Comments

Whoo! In a flash, the first session of the pole-dancing workshop is over! Man, time just flies! It’s so nice & refreshing to have one night a week to just come out of my shell and feel all naughty and carefree. ROFL! (Well, okay. One night a week to feel naughty & carefree with a pole, that is.)

It’s so funny to me that of all dance-forms, I’d find pole dancing to be the most captivating. While I enjoyed Argentine Tango when Win and I were taking it, it didn’t quite hit the spot. I enjoyed the passionate movements, fluidity and grace but it was missing an element. When I used to join Win in breakdancing, I was in awe of the power & strength, but it was definitely too masculine for me. And now with pole-dancing, I’ve finally found my happy medium. -_^

So, last night was our last class of the first session. Unbeknown to us last week, we were surprised when were told that we’d each be performing our complete, 6-minute solo routine in front of everyone and the instructors. ::DED!:: And did I mention that we learned a lap-dance routine to tack onto the end of it? Hilarious!

I was so proud of my performance because I was so convinced I’d be a tired mess and look awkward but didn’t. (Whew.) I was mostly amused and slightly nervous to perform the lap-dance at the end, and found that thinking of one’s husband made it much easier to get into it. LOL! (And the cat-calls I received were encouraging! HOORAY.) I performed it to Esthero’s “My Torture.” A pretty and sexy slow song which made the movements forgiving — and made me feel SO dated next to my peers. Oh wells. LOL

In other news, we learned a new spin, which I’ve conveniently forgotten the name of. :/ It takes me a couple weeks for these names to stick. LOL Let me see if I can find a video of that woman doing a demo of it. She calls it the Chair Spin. While we haven’t gotten to the point of not having our feet touch the pole, our variation keeps the back of your right ankle in front and the front of the left foot in back. It seems easy, but you try doing a side crunch and holding it in mid-air. 😛 In order for your body to not flatten against the pole, you have to keep the side of your abs flexed as you bring your legs up towards you to create a C-shape with the pole. Takes a few tries but I was able to do it!

I’m signed up for Level 2 (and I’m cringing at the thought of pull-ups and climbing) but I’ll be in class with the same girls and instructors so I’m thrilled about that!

And last but not least, I bought a pole off a friend who’s sister bought a pole but decided to quit dancing because she couldn’t take the bruises. Tsk. Ya’ll should see my shins. Tee hee.

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