Pole Dance : Week 4

February 6, 2010 Blog Posts 4 Comments

We’ve got one more week left and I’ll have finished the first level of pole dancing. WTF, that was fast! Man, it cracks me up that a month ago I was too chicken shit to take it and now I’m rocking my own pair of dance shoes. Goes to prove that if you don’t take the chance, you never know what you’ll end up loving. ROFL

Next week, I’m going to sign up for Level 2. I was told it has the highest drop-out rate because the girls can’t handle the conditioning and the act of lifting yourself up the pole. Time to bring out the pull-up bar!

Anyway, I didn’t update about last week and we learned a new spin where you keep the pole between your knees as you go around. It doesn’t look like much, but it’s the hardest spin we’ve learned so far and I’m not a fan of it!

This week, we learned the the Diamond Spin. (The girl in the video calls it the Showgirl Spin… okay, sure whatever.) It was our first forward facing move and it was challenging at first because you gain momentum by thrusting your hips out. Prior to, all the spins we learned were achieved by momentum from your legs. The girl in the video keeps her feet apart behind her but we were taught to keep our toes touching in the back creating a diamond shape b/w the knees. IMO, this looks sexier, too! Anyway, it was hard at first, but by the end of class, I had it down pat. This move is SO fun!

Guh, I really dislike linking to this lady because she makes it look so boring…
Showgirl Spin Demo

I’ve started running into problems. One, is after a few spins my right wrist aches SO bad. I figure it’s part fatigue from being in front of a computer all day and two, my body isn’t conditioned yet. That’ll fix over time and I have to remember to keep stretching my hand out every now and then.

The other problem is my natural tomboy-like movements are biting me in the ass. The most hilarious thing we learned this week was how to crawl on the ground (sexily, zomg) without effing your knees. Right. So, my knees are bruised all over, a part of my shin is swollen and I feel like I look like a hippo doing it. Something to work on. Okay.

Other than that, I know enough now to put together a very simple routine. XD I could write about how fabulous and sexy it makes you feel, but eh — I feel like that most the time anyway. -_^

I’ll leave you here with a video demo of my instructor, Leigh. Girl does some crazy shit. Love it!

Pole Dance : Week 5
Poledancing @ X-polesitions in NoHo.