Morgan Spurlock – Comic Con Episode IV – A Fan’s Hope

July 4, 2011 Blog Posts 0 Comments

It’s here! Our nerdiness is now immortalized in Morgan Spurlock’s new book, Comic Con Episode IV – A Fan’s Hope. While our own copy is still in the mail on its way to us, I dragged Win out to a nearby Barnes & Nobles just to check it out. Lo and behold, there we were on page 112 on a full page spread! So fun and maybe even a bit embarrassing! Yay!

With me is my brother, Euell in the top left. Michelle, my best friend, is Carmen San Diego behind me. And my husband, the artist, is to the top right. The photographer had me sit in the center. It’s a little fun to know that my first time cosplaying in my LIFE so happened to make it into this book.

After the photo-shoot, we were interviewed in pairs to discuss what “geek-culture” and the comic-con meant to us. I recall discussing how my brother, Euell, introduced me to comic-books. From him I learned everything from the X-Men roster, to how to properly bag and board, the different publishing companies and even artists’ styles! And then later in life, I met my husband who honed my artistic skills and introduced me to the world of professional illustration and San Diego Comic-Con. To be in this photo with two influential people in my geek life is really touching. (Go ahead, roll your eyes!)

During Comic-Con last year, our very last activity on Sunday was to go to the photo-shoot which we so happened to walk by and inquire about the night before. The entire session took a while — my solos, Michelle’s solos, Euell’s solos, etc. Then finally, we did the group shot and I guess they liked that best! Such a fun memory to look back on for 2010. So proud of my nerd family!

Without further ado:

So, I guess thanks are due to Mr. Spurlock for including us in this fantastic book that documents the monstrosity that is Comic-Con. lol!

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