Lang Lang Recital

November 9, 2009 Blog Posts 0 Comments

Win and I took a break yesterday to attend the Lang Lang piano recital at the Walt Disney Concert Hall yesterday. The one and only time I saw Lang Lang perform was a couple months ago when he performed a Jazz concert with Herbie Hancock. While energetic as can be expected, I really wanted to see and hear him perform a classical repertoire.

The first CD I bought of Lang x2 was the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto. Oh my. His vibrant and crisp playing was really what got me excited about this composer’s music when I never was before. (I’m more a fan of Early-Romanticism. But here I am — converted.)

Anyhow, the recital was stunning. He performed two Beethoven Sonatas, one Ibenez and one Prokofiev. Ugh. I can’t stand Prokofiev… He did encore with a Chopin so that made it all better.

Like any Lang x2 concert, it was filled with dramatic arm waves, bouncing shoulders, head tosses and all sorts of theatrical, physical movements. I couldn’t help giggling whenever he was just too flamboyant. I have to wonder if it’s show or if he really is lost in the music. :/

For me, Lang x2 is best enjoyed with your eyes closed or with your eyes towards the ceiling… or at home with a CD. To watch him is far too distracting. lol But oh boy, those fingers can fly.

A nice surprise was that when Win and I dashed down to the gift shop to redeem a free bag (I became a series member this year) I saw a sign stating that he was signing after the concert. Hmm! So, in the gift shop, I even found that his most recent recording were of the Chopin Piano Concertos with the Vienna Philharmonic. I didn’t even hesitate to buy that one. I’m such a huge fan of the Chopin concertos.

So, after the concert, I got to meet him, congratulate him and take a happy and blurry photo with him. Poor guy was so exhausted to deal with a long line of fans. I think I’ve had enough Lang x2 concerts to last me a lifetime but definitely a fan of his technique.

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