July and August in Review…

August 7, 2011 Blog Posts 0 Comments

Oh man! So much has happened these past couple months and in waiting too long to talk about it, I’ve got alot to go over! First of all, let’s talk July and Comic Con!

Comic Con – I really had a blast this year. I decided to put the maps away, take it easy and attend as many informative panels as I could and I spend alot of time in Artist Alley & the Small Press area. As a result, I had a chance to speak to some amazing individuals and learn about how I can finally push my art forward to the next level. Of course, it’s always the same sort of story from every industry professional: work hard, sleep less and tighten your technique and foundation in drawing and writing. I heard it over and over and a light just clicked in my head!

I went to see Ron Lemen, an incredible figurative artist, who ran a fundamentals workshop at Comic Con and again –there goes the light switch again! Over the years, I’ve been studying and drawing figures from reference without truly understanding human anatomy and how it works. Nope! Suddenly all of the tips from Win and Ron just bopped me over the head and I finally understand it. I fear drawing humans, NO MORE!

A couple nights, we went to Tr!ckster which was a gallery to geared towards self-published books and artwork. A few nights during the week offered “drink and draw” events and I had a blast. One evening, David Mack came by and I had the honor to watch him work (and dance–lol). He asked to see my sketch to which I was mortified to show him my drawing under the influence. What a mess. 🙂

Inebriated me with David Mack in a photo taken by an inebriated friend. Fail all around!

Drinking and drawing = no hands,

I did make a few purchases of prints from artists this year. I visited Danni Shinya Luo and purchased a stunning print which has since been matted and framed for the office. She’s quite a sassy yet humble woman. I talked to her a bit about acquiring a table and goodness –it’s daunting. I really do need to look into smaller conventions.

I bought a few books this year, as well. My gem of them being an old Kay Nielsen book from the 70s. Fabulous art nouveau illustrations from the 1920s. Besides figurative work, I’ve shied away from backgrounds simply due to intimidation. No more of that, either.

And finally, went to a couple coloring workshops and learned some new tips. I would love to switch over to Photoshop CS5, but my poor computer simply cannot run it.

Win posted some great notes from panels we attended and rather than re-write it all, here is a link to it. FYI, I think he wrote it mostly for himself, so any clarification of the content would need to be asked directly to him. http://nhoinla.blogspot.com/2011/08/comic-con-notes.html

August – So after such a fun week, I came home to reality where there was bad news waiting. After a year and a half of physical and emotional growth, I found that my beloved pole dancing studio was due to close at the beginning of the month.

As a result, I did not practice last week (and spent the week immersing myself in work and illustrating) but tomorrow, I’ll begin semi-private lessons with a few of my dear pole friends. While I’ll be grateful to see them again, it’s just heart breaking to lose the place that became my second home. And the studio had 16 foot poles! Where the heck am I going to find that again?

So, while the other students and I find temporary homes, we’re all trying to find some way to train together again. It’s a weird adjustment finding out that we’re all splitting up and going to other studios. Sucks. But just before I left, I finally got the yogini move! Google it. It’s fucking badass. 🙂 I hope to do another photo-shoot in the future after more training. I really need to get my body toned, though. This tummy pudge must be slowing me down in some way! ROFL. I’m being pushed to try performing but I’m not so sure, yet.

Food – After years of fear built up from the nay-saying of friends and family exclaiming, “Natto is gross! Never try it!” I finally bought a damn package and tried it for myself. I love it. I REALLY LOVE IT. It’s been my daily breakfast before work and I’m pleased that it keeps me full and energized all day long. For me, I get a slight hint of the fermented smell mixed with the soy-beans, but other than that, it’s not unpleasant. The flavor, like other pro-natto eaters have said, is just “soybeans and beer.” So, now, I’m on a happy quest to try different brands and experience its health benefits. Apparently, the bacteria in natto is good for preventing blood clots and lower cholesterol. A damn fine thing for a person who works at a computer all day long! However, I do wonder if my sense of smell is off. The way I can’t smell natto is similar to how I can’t identify notes in wine as well as others. Perhaps I’m broken?

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