Inspired by Natasha Wang’s pole dancing!

May 12, 2011 Blog Posts 0 Comments

A couple weeks ago, Natasha Wang of Los Angeles won 1st place at the United States Pole Dance Federation National Competition in New York.

At 35, Ms. Wang performed incredible Chinese pole style tricks, held unbelievably hard flags, and hit beautiful splits as if they’re second nature. The amazing thing is, she started pole dancing at age 29 with absolutely no dance or gymnastics background.

Whenever I start to feel old and stiff at 26, I’m going to remember how hard she worked to get that national title in 6 years. DAYUM! I’m humbled to have shared a class with her and now she’s just my hero. 🙂

I think her dancing style lessens the stigma of eroticism associated with exotic pole dancing. For one, she dances without shoes and is definitely not a part of the “rump shaking”, floor writhing camp. ^^; It makes me reconsider the way I dance myself. While I have gotten used to wearing stilettos while dancing (and I’m not ready to give them up anytime soon), I do want to explore the more ballet-like moves you can incorporate in a pole routine. Annnnyway…

Ah! She was on Good Day LA this morning and did perform some of her routine. You must, MUST check out her fierceness!

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