Inception: Suit HEAVEN.

July 19, 2010 Blog Posts 2 Comments

Saw Inception like everyone else did on opening night. In the end, I was pleased with the plot, imagery, technology, acting, soundtrack,– it was everything I had hoped it to be. Initially, I thought the storyline was far too simple and lackluster, but on reflection, I think it had the right amount of information without it becoming too abstract and confusing. I really don’t understand how one could have missed anything. Nolan just fell short of hitting you over the head with it. (Though, I did feel like the fight scenes just went ON and ON and ON… He could have cut out a good 30 minutes, really!) In any case, Nolan has a talent for making such a complicated plot make sense with well organized scenes. I felt the same way when I watched Memento years ago…

And of course, once you get a bunch of actors together that I find sexy and into three-piece suits, it usually won’t take much more than that to keep me happy. Har har har… I loved how the older men had single breasted jacket with a peaked lapel. It’s a fine balance of casual meeting tradition even though it’s such an odd combination. Then JGL’s character, Arthur, wore a single breasted notch. B’aww, so boyish! Great textures, patterned ties and neutral colors. I LOVED LEVEL 2. So, so orgasmic.

(How is it my gentlemanly husband doesn’t own a three piece suit? Must remedy this problem, immediately.)

Not going to get into my theories with the story as I’ve been discussing it with Win for the past several days. lol But if you wanna chat about it, I’m more than happy to in the comments! But I’ll leave you with: I do think the top stops spinning. 🙂

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