Iam8bit & Capcom Fight Club in Los Angeles!

September 23, 2011 Blog Posts 9 Comments

I had the fantastic opportunity to work at a Capcom event last night with other lovely cosplayers and had a great time!

It’s mind boggling to remember when I used to sit with my brother at a pizza parlor when I was 5 playing Street Fighter 2. I was barely able to reach up and grab the joystick and I loved watching how AWESOME Chun-li was. NOW, I’m standing in a Chun-li outfit, onstage, overlooking a horde of fans at an event that’s not quite a traditional arcade and not quite a typical night-club. Cracks me up! Belasco Theater in Los Angeles is gorgeous. It looks like a burlesque theater so the event had a VERY nice presentation. You walk-in, lush curtains, art nouveau style ceilings, and shiny-shiny arcade machines. YES.

The event was done to help promote the upcoming games: Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and Street Fighter vs. Tekken. I believe they also had 3rd Strike machines there as well. Since I had to work, I didn’t get to play a single game. Poo! I’ll have to wait until it’s released! They had TONS of arcade machines both on the floor level and on the VIP levels upstairs. At one end of the venue was a stage for live music acts, the DJ, and a gigantic screen displaying pro players. Geek-gasm.

Rapper A_Rival did a set at the event. Got the CD and loving it.

Fans lined up beginning at 10 p.m. the night before — hardcore! The event was totally free and they had some fun giveaways, too. Win came with me and took some fun photos. However, his reaction to the night? He wrote on his Facebook: “I’m at Fight Club in downtown L. A. People are chaining 130+ plus hit combos on Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. I’m getting too old for this.”

Even so, after the event was over, Win and I YouTubed the new characters and marveled at the combo possibilities.

Here’s a vid of a couple pros at it:

So, enough with the words, and on with the photos!

Posing with fans was the best!

The fellas from gamezone.com did an interview with us. It was a silly chat but fun. 😀

Besides us, we saw some great cosplayers, too! I saw this guy around and he had great attitude. I think I took a photo with him at the end of the night. He was nice!

During the later half of the evening, I went on-stage with Jenny (C.Viper). In this fun shot, I’m posing a Kikoken in the background. LOL! I’m kinda embarrassed because it got SO hot up there on stage and we were up there for a pretty long time! I’m dreading the tired Chun li pictures that might make it to the web. ::dies::

During the beginning, we posed with “Kuma.” I want to know where the stuffed bear came from. Did it belong to the club?! lol

Someone grabbed a video of me and put it on YouTube. A guy yelled out asking if I was tired. I winked at him because I waaaaasss.. lol

When we finally got home, I took down my Chun-li hair. This is what that poor girl has to deal with every night after her fights.

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C.Viper – Jenny Araiza https://twitter.com/#!/JennyAraiza
Lili – Sarah Spears – https://www.facebook.com/s4r4h77
She Hulk – Heather Spears (She made her costume AND Sarah’s in a WEEK! Fabulous ladies!)

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