Honeymoon – Day 9 – Mykonos & Delos, Greece.

June 1, 2009 Blog Posts 2 Comments

The 8th day of our cruise was spent at sea. It was a welcomed break from all the tours and walking we’d been doing.

So, continuing onto Day 9. We arrived in Mykonos, Greece. We had a choice to tour the city of Mykonos or to see the island of Delos. Naturally, I wanted more ancient ruins. XD <3 Delos is thought to be the birthplace of Apollo and the entire island is considered a museum. <3 Temples to various gods and homes are dispersed throughout the island. My vacation highlight? Visiting the Temple of Dionysus and the looming statue that waits there. XD <3 P.S. Win was severely sunburned this day. 🙁 So, he sported a hat the whole time. Poor guy, he was so uncomfortable! Honeymoon – Day 9 – Mykonos & Delos, Greece.

Erk. You better be good with directions if you wanted to find a place here… >< Mykonos.
How stunning is the view though? <3 Mykonos.
A view of Delos from the boat. <3
Our tour guide would show us photos of how the area would have looked. 🙂 She was a good guide.

Holding a part of a house…

*^^* More phallic arrows. XD

The one thing I loved about Delos was seeing the different flowers and BUGS! >< Lots of creatures and specimens I'd never seen before in my life. <3 It's a whole 'nother world out here. It's so calm and beautiful.... <3

Red Poppies are abundant. <3 And sad, being from California, I've never seen one in my life!
The scenery is so lovely..

The dandelion puff ball things were as big as your hands cupped together. XD They were massive! <3 I told Win to blow it.. it didn't budge. XD
Beetles with lovely markings on their backs.

THIS IS SPARTA! The other tour people laughed at me. XD I couldn’t resist!

The famous Naxos Lions on Delos. Alot smaller than I imagined. XD

After our tour, we had to go run through the fields towards something important.

PENIS! Another huge highlight of my vacation. HAPPY!!! And OMG there’s a chicken on it! I died with laughter. Lucky charm, indeed.

Sheer happiness!

It had wings. Which made me want to bring it home even more.

Trying for some sort of self portrait. Dur…

An ancient bench. 🙂

Before getting back on our boat, this little guy walks up while accompanied by his family. Ahhhhh cutie baby!

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