Honeymoon – Day 7 – Capri, Sorrento & Pompeii, Italy!

May 31, 2009 Blog Posts 3 Comments

One week in! The next day we landed in Naples, Italy. From there, we took a 30-40 minute boat ride to Capri, Italy. Let me tell you, this place is magical. XD It’s so beautiful and the high mountains on the small island are gorgeous. Seeing the mist & clouds wrap around the peaks are something I’m not going to forget. I could do without the shopping but the gardens and wildlife (a.k.a. cute CATS) made it my kind of place. XD

After Capri, we took a boat back to the mainland to Sorrento. A busy little city with more lovely shops. Limoncello is created in this area and MY GOD it’s so good! <3 Anyway, we spent the most of our stay in Sorrento inside a wood-inlay furniture shop. To Win's delight, they had countless chess boards and a few tables. To see how intricate wood inlay is made it a worthwhile experience. The amount of minute detail that goes into some of their pieces is incredible. Win and I both have an interest in wood working. 🙂 We took a lovely scenic drive to Pompeii. A sad city but so fascinating to walk through. It's MUCH larger than I ever thought. And it's so easy to get lost inside it. So much detail has been preserved -- it's really incredible. Walkways, sidewalks, counter tops, buildings mostly intact -- it's surreal. Then we visited a brothel with Frescoes still on the walls. SCORE. XD Honeymoon – Day 7 – Capri, Sorrento & Pompeii, Italy!

CAPRI, ITALY – This island is so beautiful. After docking, we took a tram up the mountain to visit Augustus gardens. From up here we could see the trio of rocks that are popular to this island. Stunning ocean views from the top. The weather is beautiful and the air was so pleasant. I lovely difference from the busy cities.

From the boat.

More epic beauty. <3
From the top @ the tram stop.

The main square with shops and restaurants. 🙂

One of the stunning views from the Augustus Gardens.

My hair = gross.

Another view. This time of the popular rocks that come out of the ocean. I think I made a comment of how cool it would be to dive from them… XD

Pretty and dangerous looking flowers. ><
We met this kitty as we were leaving the gardens. She popped out right in front of us and starting whiiiining! “Mew, mew, mew!” She welcomed some petting before darting across the walkway into the bushes. Such a sweetie!

Walking past some expensive shops and hotels. X_X

The view of the docks from the boat as we were leaving…

SORRENTO – Once in Sorrento, we ate at a cute little restaurant. We share a table with a really nice couple from Canada. They were lovely to talk to. 🙂

A window hanging some fruit. <3

And said nice couple took our pic in the restaurant. XD

After lunch, we went to this wood-inlay store. This tea cart was cute. Evveery little shape was cut and fit in to make the design. Arrgh so much detail!

I dunno what shocks me more. The amount of chessboards or the crappy white balancing!

This dog was in and out of the shop. Not sure if they own him or not! It shocks me that the dogs are all without leashes in Europe! Yikes! He was pooped but friendly.

A statue in the square decorated with fruit. <3
I love this building. So …. yummy looking!

After spending alot of time there, we walked a bit for some Gelato. XD NOM.

Win’s last little bit. Limoncello Gelato! <3

POMPEII – Took a lovely scenic drive to Pompeii. At one point, I remember passing by a train station stop where some punky looking teenagers were waiting. They waved frantically at us and it made me laugh.

Big road working guy with no shirt on. VERY NICE.

This is Vinny. He’s our tour guide and he was very cool. XD Pushy, small and Italian. He was about as tall as the Pompeii residents would have been. XD He was stern and I appreciated that cuz we were on time EVERYWHERE. XD

Win & I demonstrating how those step stones work. 🙂

Walking down a street in Pompeii..

I look so srs!

So SRS here too!

A deserted side street.

The walls of Pompeii.

I don’t know where we are. :/ But check out Mt. Vesuvius in the background!

Walking and shooting a video @ the same time.

🙁 He died while praying.

A not so subtle arrow to the brothel!

YES. XD These might’ve been advertisements inside the brothel. A “pick your position” kind of thing. XD Sex catalog? That sounds about right.

HEE <3

That’s my kind of lucky charm. XD

The fountain where the commoners drank from.

A lovely cameo carved on the entire shell!


NAPLES – Visiting a cameo factory in Naples. We saw a brief video explaining it, met a carver then browsed through a shop. Kid in a candy store, I tell you.

The jolly craftsman.

His reference photos.

A large cameo that he was working on. WOW.

Back on the cruise ship…

Enjoying a small bottle of Limoncello that I bought. NOM!

An appropriate gesture for Pompeii. 😛

Ok.. one that’s not so lewd. XD

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