Honeymoon – Day 5 – Florence & Pisa, Italy!

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On Day 5, we traveled to Florence! We landed in Livorno and took a long drive into Florence. Along the way, we saw the lush farm lands, the Tuscan hills and the city of Vinci where Leonardo DaVinci was born. -_^

This city is just unimaginable. It just feels lost in time. What shocked me is the condition of buildings in Florence. I would have imagined better care of the city, but buildings were run down & dirty and it made it uncomfortable for us. (Venice & Rome was in much better condition, IMHO.) So, that was the turn off for me.

Anyway, after our drive through the city, we toured past the Duomo. Those structures really must be experienced in person. When it looms over you, it’s just overwhelming. 🙂 The different types of marble was gorgeous.

We toured the Accademia and saw Michelangelo’s Prisoners and the David. (AWWWWESOME! HEE!) 🙂 After, we visted Piazza della Signoria and pretty much gawked at the statue gallery there. Took a tour to the Old Bridge and walked through the courtyard of the Uffizi Gallery.

Lots to see and definitely alot of art history behinds those walls that we didn’t get to see. Just might be a city to come back to.

Then took a drive out to Pisa and TOTALLY CLIMBED TO THE TOP OF THE LEANING TOWER~!!!! That was freakin’ awesome.

Had a blast. Time for pictures:

Florence & Pisa, Italy

IL DUOMO – Took a drive in the city and walked through the famous spots. Visited the Accademia before heading out.

The village of Vinci surrounded by the Tuscan hills. <3

Silver Trees = Olives!

At a crossroads in Florence, we saw this cute little school bus! They waved at me! <3

Where we goin?!

@ Il Duomo.

I look so smug. WTF.

Walking through the city & catching details. <3


Not allowed to take pictures! HAH!

MORE FLORENCE – Piazza della Signoria, Uffizi, Old Bridge


Statue Gallery. Wow. <3

I failed in discreetly covering up his genitalia. XD

That is a stunning back.

The front of the above sculpture.

Walking through Uffizi.

Pimped out robes. XD

Epic and uncomfortable looking. 🙁

Church of Santa Croce

LUNCH IN FLORENCE – We drove outside Florence and had lunch at a quiet and small hotel. It’s a drastic change of scenery! The hustle and bustle of the city gave away to stunning & endless nature. This hotel, Villa La Massa, was beautiful & only for the rich. Yikes.

Win had alot of Chianti.

The view from the hotel. Isn’t this amazing?

Hotel’s garden. <3

FIELD OF MIRACLES!! – No kidding! LOVE LOVE LOVED the visit to Pisa. This place was a playground for me. I’d love to just sit in the grass and lie about all afternoon.

HOW COOL is this guy? Saw him while walking to the Field of Miracles. XD

All the buildings lean a little!


OM NOM NOM. This picture needs a CAPSHUN!!

Shortly, we’ll be all the way up there…
Hold on… Let me say it… SCAFFOLDING!!!!!! ARGH!

Columns inside the Leaning Tower.

Gratuitous ass shot.

The stairs inside the Leaning Tower are insane. They’re already kinda tilted from the building, but the wear from so many feet has also made them concave in the middle. Makes for a slippery hike up. Wear shoes with grip!

Halfway there…!

I look so good…

… but I really looked like this! That was sadly, a little tiring!

C’mon ring my beeeee-eeeee-eeeeel, ring my bell! XD

Us with the view from the TOP!!

Gaaah that’s a view!

A little to the right, eh?

Frowning @ the Marble Egg. o_O?

Lovely tree… <3


Bye Pisa! Crazy going to miss you! <333

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