Honeymoon – Day 4 – Monte Carlo, Monaco / Nice & Cannes, France

May 27, 2009 Blog Posts 5 Comments

The one thing I never got used to on the Ruby Princess was going to sleep and waking up in another country. Biz-freakin-zare. Can’t complain! I’d rather be on the comfy boat than in a car or in a plane. (Trains, I can handle.)

So, after getting settled on the cruise, we woke up and voila, we were in Monaco. 😀 However, instead of hanging around Monte Carlo (where the painfully rich reside) we took a drive along the coast through Nice and spent the early afternoon in Cannes. (Uh.. cuz the price difference is OH so much better. Anyway, I didn’t do any shopping so what does it matter?) We strolled along the street that the Palais des Festivals was on. On the way back, we visited Monaco Grimaldi Palace.

This area is just pure money. Saw people buying expensive cars, the streets are lined with expensive boutiques, celebrity mansions and the like. It felt like being in Beverly Hills on the other side of the world but far more expensive and tons more class! It’s not surprising, but just not my taste. (Eee. We also drove past the hospital where Angelina Jolie gave birth to the twins. ::fangirl moment over::)

However, while at the Grimaldi Palace, Win had dropped his lens cap down the side of a wall that had a long drop. X_X We walked around and down to a private playground and garden to retrieve. This little area was devoid of tourists and had a spectacular view of a bay. It was pleasant to experience the quiet for once!

Day 4 – Monte Carlo, Monaco / Nice & Cannes, France

Driving past where the Grand Prix is being set up. Hah!

All roads lead to… Nice?

A drive through Nice.


That there be Elton John’s house in Nice. We also saw Bono’s house. Okaaaay.

The lovely view. <3 Palais des Festivals – We took a walk up and down the street that the Palais des Festivals is on. That’s all. 🙂

The Carlton Hotel with Brad Pitt on it. <3
Win and Me @ Palais des Festivals. It’s a mess for setup. But look! RED CARPET! XD

A picture of the front w/out two Asians in the pic. XD

One of the many 2009 posters for the Festival.

When you walk around the grounds @ the Palais des Festivals, these standees were around. ::hop in::
Arrrr matey!

Win’d be happier being the Chewbacca face. XD

ZOMG Akira Kurosawa! <3 Durrr This is embarrassing for one who lives so close to Hollywood but WHO CARES!? I put my hand in it, too. HEE! <3 <3 <3
A crazy decorated merry-go-round in Cannes.

Signing the guest book in Cannes!

Grimaldi Palace & Monaco Cathedral – Took a quick visit to this famous Cathedral. Inside, we visited Princess Graces’ grave. Then we walked to the Grimaldi Palace which was a picture perfect spot for the city.

Monaco Cathedral

The candle I lit in prayer inside the cathedral.

Lighting the candle…

A guard @ the palace.

This guy totally nodded at me all friendly like when I ran across the square. Eee.

I thought the mailbox was cute. <3 The Garden & Playground @ The Palace

Playing on the swings. <3
The view from the playground. <3
– You can see the Grand Prix in the middle and on the far far right is a huge ship. That monstrosity was our temporary home.

Gotta look all chill in Monte Carlo. 🙂

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