Honeymoon – Day 11 – Ephesus, Turkey.

June 2, 2009 Blog Posts 3 Comments

More photos from Turkey. This time we’re in Ephesus to visit the Ancient City. We took a drive and stopped at the Virgin Mary’s house, passed St. John’s Basilica where the writer of the Revelations is buried (XD COOL) and then took a walk down Curetes Street to visit various Roman temples and the Library of Celcus.

I enjoyed myself very much on this day. I couldn’t help but keep thinking how much my mom would have loved the experience being such a devout Catholic. After I told her about the visit, she got so excited to hear about it. 🙂 Aww.

Honeymoon – Day 11 – Ephesus, Turkey.


Cute little buggy car!

Woman in the fields…

Turkish baths.

Young boy in Superman shirt. 🙂

St. John’s Basilica and burial site.

The jail that at one point housed St. Peter.

On the drive up to the Virgin Mary’s house… overlooking all the fields! 🙂

I match!

HOUSE OF VIRGIN MARY – Located on the top of the “Bulbul” mountain. It is the place where Mary may have spent her last days. Totally surrounded by trees — it’s a lovely remote place.

Cow kitty kept us company outside the Virgin Mary’s house. How dreamy he looks!

I love squinty eyes of gratefulness. XD

Win & I outside the Virgin Mary’s house. We couldn’t take photos inside. :/ A very small space with an altar inside.

Lighting a candle for family.

Outside on the grounds @ the Virgin Mary’s house.

Down a pathway are four springs just outside the VM’s house. Said to have curative properties. *_* I took some home for mom. ^^;

And finally, writing a prayer for the prayer wall. Everyone writes a prayer on a piece of paper and ties it to the wall.

Tying my prayer to the wall.

I coincidentally tied it in a way so that both our family names show. 🙂

The wall was amazing. 🙂

More ruins at the grounds of VM.

Curetes Street

Another cow cat taking a nap in the shade. <3

Ruins along Curetes Street.

The top portion of the gate to the Temple of Hadrian.

Win by the Temple of Hadrian.

PLAYTIME! XD Just outside the Gate of Hercules. XD

The nomable face of a stray kitty! I loved meeting cats in the Ancient ruins. Just made my day. XD

This little beast, however, while taking its photo, POUNCED on a gigantic grasshopper and nommed the crap out of it. It was scary. ><
But still a sexy beast anyway. XD

Kitty with his kill. XD

Standing next to a pedestal with the pharmacy sign. <3 Important to Win because his father is a doctor and they are both born in the year of the snake. 🙂
Ancient toilets. O_O

The beautiful Celsus Library!

Unobstructed by two pesky tourists.

A gorgeous structure.

Another sign that points towards a brothel.

See this sign? It sez, DANGEROUS.

This is my husband…

…making his way up the wall…

…to pose for a picture! O_O!!!

The underbelly of the Great Theatre.

Inside the underbelly of the Great Theatre.

The Great Theatre is… Great. It’s actually pretty damn huge. 🙂

And back to where the buses are… Souvenir Shops! XD

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