Honeymoon – Day 10 – Istanbul, Turkey.

June 1, 2009 Blog Posts 4 Comments

Eek! Waking up and finding yourself in Turkey is surreal. Another one of those countries I never thought I’d visit. We didn’t book a tour and actually had planned to spend the day on the boat… but curiosity got the better of me and we took a shuttle out to the Grand Bazaar instead.

I wasn’t too thrilled about the prospects of going to the bazaar seeing has how shopping doesn’t excite me very much to begin with, but just to see the city — that seemed fun.

So, hopped on a shuttle with Win and we took an agonizingly long bus ride (thanks to city traffic) to the Grand Bazaar. Passed by the Blue Mosque & the Hagia Sophia. Because of the lack of time, we didn’t get to go inside the Hagia Sophia. 🙁 But still a gorgeous mosque/museum.

The city smells heavily of cigarette smoke and beef. It was nauseating. >< It's a bit funny to say, but it reminds me of Downtown L.A. Cheap and affordable stuff -- of anything you can think of that is -- and weary looking but pushy sales people at every door. The streets are cramped but somehow, I enjoyed walking around the streets and just seeing the hustle and bustle. The food at the sidewalk restaurants are just so good, too. And affordable. XD Istanbul was one of the most gorgeous ports we visited. So stunning and you're just surrounded by the city. We landed on the European side of Turkey and drove over into the Asian side. There. I've been to Asia. 😛 Honeymoon – Day 10 – Istanbul, Turkey.

While driving past some ruins, I spotted this lonely lookin’ fella.

The Blue Mosque

And across the way, the lovely Hagia Sophia.

A woman tending to her windows.

Walking into the main gate of the Grand Bazaar.

While buying some goodies, I was given a sample of Apple Tea. It was good *^^*

A cute cat trinket. <3
Everything from fake bags, to fake watches, to jewelry, to even instruments!

The halls inside the Grand Bazaar. To the people manning the stalls, I was either a native Japanese or Chinese. ><
My favorite thing about Istanbul? CATS! We saw this cutie pie snoozing away at a carpet shop.

After getting insanely bored with the Grand Bazaar, we took to the streets behind it. Back there, the hustle and bustle was even crazier. The cramped, dirty streets, the air filled with cigarette smoke — the atmosphere seemed alot more dreary and heavy on the outside. Tight streets with cars going a little too fast around the pedestrians… I rather liked it all! We got lost in the maze of streets trying to find our way back into the Bazaar, but we met a few cute little ones along the way.

Find the kitty!

This made me SO HUNGRY. ><
We stopped for lunch at a sidewalk restaurant. Cheap noms = GOOD.

I thought it was butter at first… but just individually wrapped cubes of sugar! <3
Driving back to the European side.

The Turkish flag.

The view from right outside our balcony.

Bye Istanbul!

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