Garden Lovelies

January 18, 2011 Blog Posts 2 Comments

Forget roses. Camellias are now my favorite flower, ever. These two blooms came from the tree in our side yard. This tree was on our property prior to us moving in but we only saw the buds and blooms last month. You can imagine how surprised I was. ::insert Totoro dance here::

Next month, the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens is having a Camellia show and sale. Click Here. I’m definitely going to go to check out what’s new. We hope to plant a couple (or three???) camellia shrubs in the backyard. YAY PINK EVURRREH-WHERE!

In other news, I bought Win this Totoro windchime for Christmas:

You can’t see it well from far away, but Totoro is sitting in the top medallion with his ocarina. Squee! I also bought him another style, but i’ll shoot a photo of that one. It’s so cute! Now we have Totoro in our garden!

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