Black Swan – Pole Dance Series #3 – Natasha Wang

January 21, 2012 Blog Posts 0 Comments

Title: “Black Swan”
Medium: Pencil, Digital Painting, 2012

Third in my pole series. This was inspired by 2011 United States Pole Dance Champion, Natasha Wang. I have had the pleasure to watch her dance in person and I’m blown away by her grace and unique style. After I saw her do this move, the “Russian Pole Split,” during CPDC, I was forever changed. Pole became my life. Find her online at: Natasha Wang’s Facebook Page

Her USPDF routine was inspired by the Black Swan film. And so, I have paired her with the stunning waterbird in flight. I had no idea they had white flight feathers! Also, the lines in the background form the roman numeral: MMXI for 2011, commemorating her win. 🙂

I was really inspired when I heard Natasha’s story. She came into pole with no dance or gymnastics background, but through passion and dedication, she’s turned into an incredible performer. I think about it when I’m practicing and it motivates me because I’m in the same boat.

Please watch the performance! This is during the Girl’s Next Door show in Los Angeles where she did a reprise of her USPDF performance. I’m in the crowd most likely with my jaw on the floor. Phenomenal!

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